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Equipment Reviews

  • Updated 3/5/07
  • The Edge Weighted Training Gloves.  I have a few of these that I never used, if interested
  • Bill Hillhouse: House of Pitching Softball Academy - pitching video available by an outstanding national and international level pitcher
  • Jimmy Moore: The Fastpitch Fanatic -- -- Pitching Information and Tips from one of the very best pitchers I ever faced!!
  • The pitching videos by Michelle Smith and the new one by Cat Osterman are excellent.
  • Pitching instructor Rita Lynn Gilman has a great DVD for sale on her website  Lots of cool drills and tools, along with great information.
  • SUGGESTED READING - "Sports Slump Busting, 10 Steps to Mental Toughness and Peak Performance", by Alan S. Goldberg, ISBN 0-88011-653-6.
  • COACHING and PEAK PERFORMANCE TOOLS - Check out Jeff Janssen's website
  • BATS -- in my opinion, the Easton Synergy and the Stealth, are the best bats on the market.  If I was still playing, I would probably use the new Stealth.  I also like the Anderson RocketTech, and recently had a chance to hit an upper level Worth bat - felt great.  The Louisville Slugger Catalyst also has great pop, but the -8 model is on the banned bat list.  Before purchasing a bat, check softball organizational websites for equipment certification status, especially  I only wish that, during my playing days, I could have come forward in a time machine, and brought any one of those bats back with me.  My first aluminum bat was a 34 in-38 oz club, and I was facing some pitchers that threw in the 80+ mph range.
  • GLOVES -- The only glove I ever wore, as a fastpitch player, is 12" Rawlings, Heart of the Hide, Gold Glove series.  Primarily, I played middle infield, but used it for OF at the end of my playing career.   My honest opinion is that they are not as high quality as they used to be.  If I was playing today, I would give Akadema gloves a try.  However, when I recently worked at the Univ of Tennessee softball clinic, I put on a Worth Liberty series glove, and fell in love with it immediately!!  Most girls buy gloves that are much too big for their hands, and much too heavy.  I recommend that you never buy a glove bigger than 12.5 ".  Go for a glove that is light weight, with a big enough pocket for the softball to fit in easily, rather than one with exceptionally long fingers.  Louisville Slugger has some nice gloves with smaller wrist openings and tighter finger wells, specifically designed for females.